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F-16C Be. A.F.

OK guys, if you are interested in changing slides we can try to do it. The change is 1 to 1 but please see my slides quality (i.e. MIRAGE 2000C) to view the standard requested. All slides have to be taken with 50mm lens, in perfect focus, ramp shots, no people or fences in front or behind the plane. About taxing or  flying planes I reserve the right to accept slides or not. Most important condition every shot have to be taken in full sunny condition.

If you think your slides can meet this requirements, please send a maximum of 20 slides to be examinated.

Before everything, please, mail me about your intentions.

For further details about changing slides, send me an e-mail at: 

MB.339 It. A.F.
MIL Mi-24 Cz. A.F. Nose Art 'RENEGADE'
AMX It. A.F. TF-104G It. A.F.
Tornado Gr.1 R.A.F. Mirage 2000C Fr. A.F.
ImgPort.jpg (3512 byte) SEA KING HC.4  R.A.F.

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