Dassault MIRAGE 2000C Fr. A.F.

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TF-104 It. A.F.
Supermarine Spitfire   F-16C Be. A.F. Special Color
    MIG-21 Hu. A.F. Special Color

Hi everybody and thanks for visiting EGL11 personal pages (best view in 1024 x 768 resolution with IE5). Here there are  top quality original Kodachrome 25  or 64ASA slides I've taken with 50mm len by my Nikon F3 camera during my travels to see military aircrafts: my best passion! Now I'm disable and due to my progressive illness and disability, I can't update this pages as I would like. Sorry! However, in 20 years of passion, shots and collection, I have a lot of slides to change or sell!

Subjects with red description, are available in few shots.   And now let's.....


B-52G U.S.A.F. Nose Arta
    FIAT G-91Y It. A.F. Special Color MIG-21 Hu. A.F.a